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Lactobacillus paracasei is a freeze-dried bacteria powder processed by freeze-drying process. The auxiliary materials include strain culture medium and protective agent. The product is in powder form, without visible impurities, and the color is white to light yellow. It can be widely used in food, dairy products and functional health products.

Product No.: pg-lpf109

Product classification: functional probiotic powder

1、 Product application:

Medicine, health food, dietary supplement

Fermented dairy products, beverages, etc

Baking and other foods

2、 Product efficacy:

1. Fermentation can produce metabolites such as short chain fatty acids, bacteriocin and organic acids, inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori and help repair gastrointestinal mucosa;

2. Through competitive colonization on the surface of gastrointestinal mucosa, the number of spoilage bacteria and toxin production were inhibited;

3. Stimulate BT immune cells of human body, release immune regulatory factors and enhance body immunity; 4. Regulate intestinal pH value, create good conditions for beneficial bacteria proliferation, balance intestinal flora and alleviate constipation and diarrhea.

3、 Product features:

1. The function of strain is clear, the variety is stable and the application effect is remarkable;

2. Acid and bile salt resistance, strong intestinal cell adhesion and good stability;

3. It has fast reproductive ability, strong colonization ability, easy survival and tolerance to low pH environment;

4. It resurrects rapidly and can become a dominant population in a short time, which is suitable for the physique of Chinese people;

5. This product is safe, efficient, drug-resistant and does not pollute the environment

4、 Product information:

[executive standard] Q / pgjk0001s

[food production license No.] sc10637082900938

[shelf life] the shelf life is 24 months

[storage and transportation] the product is stored at - 18 ℃ or lower, and needs to be sealed and protected from light. The shelf life is 24 months.

[packaging] the products are packaged in high barrier composite aluminum foil bags, with packaging specifications of 1kg / package, 5kg / package, or according to customer needs.